HAMMERCULT : infos sur le nouvel album

Le nouvel album de death thrash israëlien Hammercult prépare actuellement son deuxième album, Steel Crusher, qui sortira le 27 janvier chez Sonic Attack/SPV. Un premier extrait, le titre éponyme de l'album, est déjà disponible :


Yakir Shochat, chanteur du groupe, a commenté : "This is a live video of the band performing the song 'Steelcrusher' live for the first time, which is truly capturing the raw power and unstoppable energy of HAMMERCULT live stage show. It is clearly can be seen that the mania raged well within the crowd and the band to one big extreme metal party! We have chosen to kickstart 'Steelcrusher' with the self title video and a live video because it old the real essence of us as a live band, without any filtering, editing and over hyped budget or scripted stuff - just pure metal onslaught, and making the fans roar, which is what we do best.
Le groupe partira ensuite en tournée en compagnie de Napalm Death, dont trois dates en France :
11.04. Pontoise – Observatoire (France) + NAPALM DEATH 12.04. Creil – Grange a Musique (France) + NAPALM DEATH 13.04. Nantes – Ferrailleur (France) + NAPALM DEATH
Tracklist :
1. Hymn To The Steel (Intro)
2. Steelcrusher
3. Metal Rules Tonight
4. Into Hell
5. We Are The People (incl. guitar solo by Sepultura`s Andreas Kisser)
6. Burning The Road
7. Ironbound
8. Unholy Art
9. Satanic Lust
10. Liar
11. Damnation Arise
12. Heading For War
13. In The Name Of The Fallen
Source : Replica Records

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