CLAWFINGER : album anniversaire

Il y a vingt ans, le groupe de metal industriel suédois Clawfinger sortait son premier album : “Deaf Dumb Blind”. Depuis, le groupe a splité en 2007. Mais pour célébrer cet anniversaire, AFM Records sortira le 7 mars prochain une réédition enrichie de cet album, baptisé “Deafer Dumber Blinder”. Il sera composé des éléments suivants : CD 1: Originale album „Deaf Dumb Blind“ CD 2: „The Best Of B-Sides“ (17 Tracks) CD 3: „The Best Of Demos“ (20 Tracks) DVD „Live In Woodstock“ + Documentaire, MTV Specials & plus ! Les ex membres du groupe ont réagi et commenté la nouvelle : Baard Torstensen, ex guitariste du groupe : “None of us would have thought in the early Nineties that we ould live our dream for almost two decades, travel the world and play for millions of people on three continents (europe, america, asia). Our anniversary box DEAFER DUMBER BLINDER reflects pretty much what Clawfinger is all about. Enjoy the unreleased demotracks from early days up 'till 2005, a bunch of good B-sides, the classics from DEAF DUMB BLIND, and have fun with a live DVD from Woodstock Festival Poland where we played in front of more than 100‘000 people back in 2009. This DVD also contains bonus material. (2 scandinavian documentaries, festival clips, MTV Most Wanted).” Zak Tell, ex chanteur : “Deafer, Bumber, Blinder”, the last and the tastiest piece of chocolate in the box is coming your way. It’s a treat so sweet you just can’t resist it. Demos, B-sides, Live footage, photos, the story of Clawfingers humble beginning and more. This sucker comes with material no one has ever seen or heard before and it will be in stores shortly so be sure to keep your ears and eyes open and scream your heart out when it arrives. The kings are dead, long live the kings.” Jocke Skog, ex chanteur et claviériste : “We’ve gone through a lot of stuff to make this a box worth owning. It’s a tad late for an anniversary box since we released the first one back in 1993, but in this era where everything is online, it doesn’t matter that much. Enjoy! I know I will.”

Source : Replica Records, AFM Records

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