APOCALYPTICA : nouvel album

Ca y est ! Les violoncellistes les plus célèbres du monde du metal sont de retour avec un nouvel album, "Shadowmaker", attendu en avril.

“Before this album we had been working for something like sixteen years without a break,” explique Eicca Toppinen. “We felt like this time around we needed to take some time away to rejuvenate the creativity within the band. There’s always a risk when you put out albums so consistently that people just expect to hear new music and you end up simply obliging that desire. So, I think that a bit of distance has been fantastic for us, the mood and passion in the band has never been higher. We wanted to clarify the vision for ourselves - music needs to come from a place of desire and joy. Working on this material has been a pleasure and I think that is reflected in the quality of the finished product. Our biggest passion with this record has been to find the core of our band. In the past we’ve struggled to get everything to sound how we feel it inside. We have had top, top people working on this album with us to help us achieve that this time though. Nick Raskulinecz (Foo Fighters, Mastodon) has produced it, for example, and he is amazing; he really speaks the same musical language as us. Our thinking was ‘We can’t do the record unless we have the very best people working on it’. The theory goes that to develop as a band, you need to be in an environment with people who will challenge you - that has certainly been the case here!

 Le principal changement, c'est l'arrivée d'un chanteur présent sur la totalité des titres - une première pour le groupe. Il s'agit de Franky Perez, ex-guitariste de Scars On Boradway, qui accompagnera le groupe en tournée.

“Having guest vocalists come in and do things in the past has been a lot of fun,” note Eicca. “But sometimes it means you can lose a bit of focus when you’re in the studio. Franky has been fantastic, he’s a great voice and he fits to us and our sound brilliantly, we couldn’t be more pleased. Plus, it will be great for people to come and see these songs on tour being sung by him. We’re all just incredibly excited for people to hear this album, I feel like it is our strongest yet, the written material is just so powerful.”

 Avec un chanteur, le groupe a pu approfondir ses textes et développer certains thèmes.

“There’s a lot of possible meanings to the phrase ‘Shadowmaker’,” explique Eicca. “At one level it can be about a person whose energy is so negative they choke out everything positive that you are trying to put into the world. At a wider perspective though, it concerns the notion that we have these faceless, nameless people who control the world we live in and make a lot of bad decisions on our behalf. It can be understood on many levels and I enjoy bringing the multiplicity of that sentiment to the musical message we are putting across.”  

On peut découvrir une première vidéo avec Franky Perez ICI
Ainsi qu'une chanson avec le thème musical d'Angry Birds ICI
Par ailleurs le groupe sera en concert au Zenith de Paris le vendredi 6 novembre 2015.

Source : Replica Records

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