5 thoughts on “RIOT: le making of de « Wings Are For Angels »

  1. girlstar7: You may not have friends who are divorced but you have seen your fair share of divorces yourself! And I don’t blame you for being cynical. Sometimes I think the act of marriage is like a leap of faith – if you are sure of each other, have a good foundation/relationship, then you’d just take the plunge.

  2. dulwichmum May 3, 2007 Dear Beta Mum, Am I real person? Mmm I think you know the answer to that one. Is the office a documentary?Darling M&M,I wish you had been here this morning. What was I thinking? I shall sneak it out of her room tonight and whack it on Ebay!Scruffy Mummy sweetie,I shall check out that site next!Dear Chum Drunk Mummy,OHMYGOD!!! And I was thinking that gall stones were an inconvenience! Did this woman not have private healthcare? That is the very reason why God invented the “Sun Roof Entrance” for babies with a capital U!

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