Anathema recrutent leur clavieriste de session

Anathema ont annoncé aujourd'hui via un communiqué de Daniel Cavanagh qu'ils intégraient à leur line-up le clavieriste Daniel Cardoso. Celui ci remplaçait Les Smith pendant les tournées du groupe. Voici le communiqué du groupe :
“An important announcement from Daniel Cavanagh
"Anathema is delighted and proud to announce that Daniel Cardoso is joining the band on a full time permanent basis as a key element of our musical team.
"Anyone who has seen us live this last year will have seen Daniel behind the keyboard rack with us. Some of you will know his production skills with our friend Anneke van Giersbergen, Head control System and many other works. Others of you may know him as one of the most bad ass drummers working in Europe today.
"Our man Cardoso is such a complete musician who adds so much to our line up that the thought of working closer with him has been growing on my mind for some time. I simply love the way he plays and we share a common sensibility and understanding of the music and how it should sound. So I came to the conclusion that the strongest incarnation of Anathema, in the studio as well as on the road, is with Daniel in the line up, full time.
"I now feel that alongside the brilliant and rarely gifted songwriter John Douglas, who remains integral to what we do, with this addition we can now accomplish anything musically that we might imagine. Everywhere I look in the band I see great talent.
"It's important for the fans to know and understand that that the long standing Anathema songwriting team of Daniel Cavanagh, John Douglas and Vincent Cavanagh stays intact and remains strongly bonded and unchanged.
"Our philosophy is - if it isn't broke, don't fix it. This songwriting team is important to our continued growth.
"What Daniel Cardoso will bring is another string to our bow, a different musical talent and an opportunity for the band to push the music to its limit and accomplish anything musically that it wants to achieve."
The move is welcomed by John Douglas, who said: "Daniel is one of the lads and we already have a great working relationship. I think he can add to our music even further and I welcome it. It's a bit like a football team and he's a very good addition to the squad."
To quote Daniel Cardoso: "I remember being a teenager and being very disappointed to know that the drummer of one of my favorite bands left the band and didnt play on one of their albums. That band was Anathema and the album was Alternative 4. I was delighted when he rejoined and helped write the classic album 'Judgement'. So it's pretty exciting for me to get to this point where I'm bandmates with the great JD but at the same time I'm able to drop some tough beats here and there, when the music asks for it. Because thats why we're here.. for the music. And we do have a kickass team."
So that's it folks, Anathema now has TWO drummers! One of them is a uniquely gifted musician who created awesome Anathema classics such as 'Storm before the calm', 'A fine day to exit' and 'Universal',  - and the other is a bad ass incredible player for any songs that might require that different style that he can bring.
Synth and keyboard duties in the live arena will still be largely handled by Daniel Cardoso with additional synth work from Vincent and Daniel Cavanagh and John Douglas - the musical roles changing according to the needs of the song.
"We look forward to continued growth and musical exploration together."

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